Monetization Tools

CPAGrip’s monetization tools are the best in the business, showing your users the best offers available in their region through precise geo-targeting. Take a look at the different kinds to see what will fit best for your website and promotional strategy. No matter what you choose, the tool will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your web content that will help you monetize it seamlessly.

Content Locker:  An incredible monetization tool which can be seamlessly integrated onto your web content using Javascript. Using sophisticated geo-targeting, it will display a list of the best offers no matter where your users are clicking from. Learn more

URL Locker:  Creates a separate HTML page in a wide variety of attractive templates for your monetization needs. Available globally. Learn more

Video Locker:  Overlay your video with a geo-targeted offer list to expertly monetize your web content. Learn more

Offer Walls:  A globally available offer feed users can engage with in exchange for virtual currency. Learn more

Virtual Currency:  Our top-of-the-line tracking and postback possibilities will allow you to set up virtual currency exactly how you want. Learn more