CPAGrip Security Overview

Security, Scam, Fraud, And Concerns:

How to avoid fraud and scams in the CPA Industry.

  • Be careful with third party content locker templates.

    There are many great locker templates that are both free and designed to work with cpagrip lockers. We can't activily screen all third party websites, and while most templates are safe there are still instances of free templates that have included injection scripts in the past to take clicks away from the publishers that use them.

    For best results, use a built-in CPA Grip template from the locker editors, and then modify it with code you understand until it looks like the template you like.

    If you find suspicious code in a locker template you can contact us and we will help you verify it.

  • Referral Scams and Self Completion of offers

    Any video instructing publishers that they can make money by completing offers themselves are promoting a practice that will likely be flagged as fraud by the advertiser and any CPA network.

    To our knowledge no CPA network promotes publishers to complete offers themselves, and consider the practice an improper use of the platform.

    If you would like more information on the approved methods for generating revenue with affiliate marketting, feel free to contact us for more information.

  • What do you do if your clicks don't result in leads

    The most common reason traffic does not produce leads is due to the quality of the traffic itself. It may be high quality traffic in some aspects and still result in a poor match if it is not well suited for CPA offers.

    You may find better results by using smaller amounts of traffic from more sources and expand on the sources that work best.

    If you are concerned that your clicks haven't converted to leads due to fraud please consider the following checklist:

    Traffic consisting of the following:

    • VPN / Proxy Traffic
    • Self completed offers
    • Unauthorized Script Activated Clicks
    • Pop-Under ads
    • Malicous Third Party Code

    Advertisers do not want to accept leads from VPN / Proxys due to high rates of abuse and no other way to verify good traffic that comes through anonimization services.

    Any lead completed by the publisher is assumed to be for test purposes only, but we do not expect advertisers to pay for a test lead.

    Automatically forcing a vistior to click an offer without their action is considered an unacceptable practice and is unlikely to produce leads regardless.
    Direct links to offers are generally available and should be used instead of a locker if you only intend to promote a single direct offer.